clouded mountains

Our story

Grit & Grandeur

A tapestry of time and place, Spring Mountain Vineyard weaves together three distinct chapters of history. Individual yet intertwined, each is a story of courage and discovery that ultimately created the foundation of our estate and shaped the heritage of this renowned appellation.

Our story

Looking back

As the Napa Valley wine industry awakened at the turn of the 20th century, the mystique and unparalleled beauty of Spring Mountain beckoned to the dreamers and visionaries. Over a span of just a few years, from 1872 to 1884, three impressive estates were founded on its slopes – La Perla, Chevalier, and Miravalle. The passionate pioneers of these properties literally pushed boundaries as they planted vines and erected stately wine cellars amongst the undulating terrain and dense forest land of this bucolic mountain. La Perla became home to the first Cabernet Sauvignon vines on Spring Mountain. Chevalier built a revolutionary gravity-flow winery. It was a period of innovation and optimism - a belief that this mountain could produce some of the best wine in the world.

As a group of entrepreneurs, their enterprising pursuits were joined by an appetite for opulence. Each estate had a measure of grandeur, including ornate mansions, terraced gardens, expansive orchards, pools, and even a few stone stairways that lead to nowhere.


A century of change

Quietly, over the next century, these estates evolved - in size, ownership, and production – yet the devoted stewardship to place and the dedication to fine wine never wavered. In 1976, Spring Mountain Chardonnay placed fourth in the Judgement of Paris, finishing above famous French houses and putting the region on the map. By the 1990s, the neighboring estates were joined together to form Spring Mountain Vineyards. Together, the property now stretched 845 acres from the town of St. Helena up to La Perla’s ridgetops at 1700 feet – a landscape so vast and with so much diversity that every year carried potential for greatness.

In addition, the estate now encompassed two mansions, expansive caves, historic ghost wineries, olive orchards, exotic gardens, and 19th century stables. Restoration to its former splendor began in earnest.


Looking forward

Like the vines, our roots are our strength, but the true beauty is in what grows from those noble beginnings. As we look to the future, we’re reminded that vision is the catalyst to excellence. That the extraordinary is not a given, but it is something that is earned by those who dare to dream.  As we take up the reins that have been handed to us, we continue a legacy of grit and grace, and a dedication to push the boundaries of this remarkable estate, ensuring the epic beauty of this land shows up in every glass.