Spring Mountain Vineyard
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Wine Spectator "Must See" DWWA 2013 Regional Trophy for 2010 Elivette

1996 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Spring Mountain Vineyard
Napa Valley, Spring Mountain District
La Perla 64%, Chevalier 29%, Alba 4%, Miravalle 3%
Cabernet Sauvignon 83%, Merlot 10%, Cabernet Franc 5%, Petit Verdot 2%
22 Months in 100% New French Oak Barrels
September 2, 1998

Winemaker Notes

The wine has a deep, bright, ruby red color with full depth. The aroma is fragrant with fruit aromas that lean to black current, with toasty oak adding a cedar tone to cassis. Some tasters have found an aroma similar to mint and others anise. The wine displays a round, full entry with soft tannins. Evolution is rich yet velvety. Finish is firm, but silky.

The 1996 Vintage

Unseasonably warm winter coupled with lots of moisture brought on an early bud break. This was followed by a fairly cool spring, and intermittent rain during the May bloom period causing some reduction in crop. What started as a cool summer in June turned into a warm one with four heat spells in July and August that brought early verasion and hastened the ripening process. A dramatic cooling trend in late August, continued into September slowing sugar development and allowing flavors to catch up. Harvest proceeded steadily with an ideal combination of cool nights, early morning fog, and warm afternoons.

Spring Mountain Estate

Grapes from each of the four vineyard properties are considered as we select the lots to be used in our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. The multitude of top quality lots with distinctly different attributes allows us to be extremely selective in making the final blend. The result is a true Estate Cabernet Sauvignon that reflects the unique growing conditions of the Spring Mountain growing district.

Spring Mountain Vineyard

Originally four individual historic Napa Valley properties, Miravalle, La Perla, Alba, and Chevalier have now been combined to create an 850 acre estate of forest and vineyard on the eastern slopes of Spring Mountain overlooking the small town of Saint Helena. Over 225 acres of the estate are planted to vine, creating 135 separate hillside vineyard blocks each with its own unique soil, exposure, and microclimate. The vineyard is planted in densities of 4,000 vines per acre and trained to the ancient gobelet form, a vertical trellising method that was invented in an earlier millennium by the Romans.

Detailed Analysis

Alcohol 13.93% v/v
Total Acidity 6.1 g/L
pH 3.69
Volatile Acidity 0.067 g/100mL
Residual Sugar <0.01 g/100mL
Malic Acid <0.15 g/L
Flavonoid Phenolics 1750 mg/L
Non-Flavonoid 410 mg/L
Total Phenolics 2160 mg/L
Total SO2 69 mg/L@bottling
Free SO2 26 mg/L@bottling
Vineyards La Perla 64%, Chev 29%, Alba 4%, Miravalle 3%
Appellation Napa Valley, Spring Mountain District
Grape Varieties Cabernet Sauvignon 83%, Merlot 10%, Franc 5%, Petit Verdot 2%
Heat Summation [4/1-10/15] 32-100 days
Total Rainfall [Jan-Dec] 52.97"
Season Rainfall [4/1-10/15] 6.33”
Harvest Period September 12th-October 10th
Ferm Length 7 to 45 days
Ferm Temp 75- 82 F
Cap Management 2 pump-over/day, sprinkler device
Yeast Indigenous 100%
Barrel Type Chateau Ferre; French Oak Barrels
Toast Level Medium
Barrel Age 100% new
Barrel Maker Seguin Moreau, Demptos, Radoux
Fining None
Filtration KS –1.50
Bottling Date September 2-4, 1998