Spring Mountain Vineyard
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Spring Mountain Vineyard Winery History: Miravalle

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Spring Mountain Vineyard


All of the Miravalle structures have undergone major restoration. The beautiful carriage house was fully restored using the exact materials of its original construction. The estate and winery were closed to the public to provide privacy and allow the staff to focus on winegrowing.

The vineyard has been re-planted in close spacing trained vertically in the "gobelet" form. This ancient method of pruning is a throw back to manner in which vines were planted a century earlier by Parrott.  While the vineyard is more expensive to farm, there is no better method for producing quality than this ancient technique.  Syrah and Viognier have been added to the hillside plantings and 15 acres of new Cabernet Sauvignon have been created on an upper ridge.

In 1993, two other adjoining hillside estates, Chateau Chevalier and Streblow Vineyards were acquired to expand the estate.  Finally, in 1996, the hillside property that was originally planted in vines by Tiburcio’s friends, the Beringer's, was acquired.  That same year, the new Spring Mountain Vineyard introduced into the trade its first vintage from the new estate.

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