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Spring Mountain Vineyard Winery History: Miravalle

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Spring Mountain Vineyard

Tiburcio Parrott

Tiburcio also built a barn of Eastlake architecture and finished the inside with polished wood, ornate cast iron divisions for stalls, and iron feed boxes. He planted vineyard and began tunneling into the nearest hill for a wine cellar.  He planted 5,000 olive trees and 1,000 citrus and planted 5,000 roses, some 250 different varieties.

Tiburcio developed a close friendship with Fredrick and Jacob Beringer. He called them los hermanos.  The humor of this Spanish reference to the German brothers was not lost on the St.  Helena natives.  los hermanos stuck, and later became a brand name for the Beringer winery.

A bachelor much of his life, Tiburcio Parrott had a delightfully earthy side to his personality.  When Tiburcio came into St. Helena to go to the hardware store, bank and post office, he was in the habit of finishing off his trip to town with a visit to the Stone Bridge Bordello.  Tiburcio had a servant with an English hunting horn riding on the platform of his surrey.  When they were in the middle of Pope Street about half way to the bordello, Tiburcio had the servant blow the horn to alert the girls that Tiburcio was on his way.  (Tiburcio is seen above in his "coaching outfit".)

In 1894, just ten years after Miravalle began, Tiburcio died.  His death was attributed to cancer of the stomach.  His Miravalle would lie empty, but well preserved for the next seventy years.

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