Spring Mountain Vineyard
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Wine Spectator "Must See" DWWA 2013 Regional Trophy for 2010 Elivette

Spring Mountain Vineyard Winery History: La Perla

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Spring Mountain Vineyard

Over a dozen weather stations were installed and hundreds of holes were dug to study the climate and soil of the new property. We discovered a wide diversity in temperatures. The higher slopes were cool in the evenings, as cold air was carried over Spring Mountain and across its slopes. Mornings were often warm on the upper slopes, as the cold air settled to the valley floor and pushed warmer air upwards during the night. During the growing season, there is as much as a 70 degrees difference between different spots in the vineyard.

We then set out to design a vineyard that would optimize wine quality by putting the best clone of the best grape variety on the most appropriate rootstock for each vineyard block. Several consultants, including the renowned French viticulturist, Pierre Galet, were brought to the property to review the plan and make suggestions. Finally, in 1998, the first big chunk of La Perla was redeveloped.

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