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Spring Mountain Vineyard Winery History: Chevalier

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Spring Mountain Vineyard

The Estate Today

Chevalier was acquired by Spring Mountain Vineyard in 1993. Replanting began slowly in 1994, culminating in 1998, by which time the entire property had been renewed. It has been replanted mostly to Cabernet Sauvignon. There is a small planting of Merlot as well. The vines were planted a meter apart in the rows giving a vine density of 2,000 vines per acre, about four times as many vines per acre as planted before.

In 1993 a major renovation project was begun on the old Chateau. Most of the exterior wood and trim was replaced. The twin towers on the winery were completely rebuilt and the residence in the interior was removed. The interior of the winery, which is pristine redwood, has been returned to a state much as it was a century ago. With a new roof and gutters, the Chateau is in excellent condition and will remain so for a second century.

After the restoration, Spring Mountain Vineyard stored a portion of their large 1997 vintage of red wine in the old cellar. Grapes from the vineyard are being used for the Spring Mountain Vineyard wines.

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