Spring Mountain Vineyard
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Wine Spectator "Must See" DWWA 2013 Regional Trophy for 2010 Elivette

Spring Mountain Vineyard Media Coverage

Title: Spencer's Wine Tour
Publication: ABC's View From The Bay
Host: Valli Ferrell
Date: November 3, 2009

Spring Mountain Vineyard

Spencer's wine tour takes us to Spring Mountain Vineyard! Learn how to pick and serve sustainable wines at your next gathering!

Wines featured:

Spring Mountain Vineyard 2007 Sauvignon Blanc
Retail Price: $35
Wine Club Price: $28

Spring Mountain Vineyard 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
Retail Price: $60
Wine Club Price: $48

Spring Mountain Vineyard 2005 Elivette
Retail Price: $100
Wine Club Price: $80

Spring Mountain Vineyard's sustainable practices:

  • Over 600 bluebird houses have been built and installed in the vineyards
  • Gobelet vine training - Vines resemble wine goblets
  • Sheep graze to reduce Springtime weeds in vine rows

Decanting tips:

  • Decanting is essential for best enjoyment of wines
  • For young wines, decanting can be as simple as splashing the wine vigorously into a glass water pitcher, then using a funnel to put the wine back into the bottle. This introduces air into the wine and releases aromas and flavors
  • For older more delicate wines, decanting serves two purposes: 1) to separate the wine from the sediment and 2) to aerate and release the bouquet